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Features ofInspectionsTrack Softwares

Easy Inspection Process

Technical/QA teams can set all the pre-define data set and inspection procedures for the inspection team.

RFID Enable & Flexible Module

Flexible structure to include RFID based solution or any other inspection types. Easy customization as per clients needs.

Language Support

The software system can support various foreign languages.

Asset & Inspection Management

Easy to insert items details and carry on with the inspection to produce assets & inspections reports.

Data Filters & Exportable Reports

Easy data filters options to display reports and export into excel or PDF with images.

Users Access Levels

Admins can assign various access levels to users of the system.

Real-time Inspection

Store the data locally or sync it to cloud for real-time reporting.

Certificates, Registers & Reports

Produce & Print certificates, registers & other inspection reports individually or together in one file.

Clients Checklist

Clients can do their own inspection checklist in the system for Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Six Monthly or Yearly basis.

Product Overview

Sky InspectionsTrack is designed for Dropped Objects System, Lifting Gear, NDT, Cranes, Winches, Forklift and Other Rig Equipment Inspections. The software contains all the per-defined data set of drop downs and inspection prompts/checklists for the items to make the process easy for the inspection teams, These pre-defined data set can be managed through web control panel by Technical/QHSE team.
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How does it work?

Sky InspectionsTrack consist of Mobile Application and Web Portal. All the data Collect on the mobile devices, it’s stored locally and automatically sync to the server through web APIs over internet. The system show all the statistics of synced item/none sync items to the users on the mobile APP dashboard.

Online Reports

Clients can view the reports online through a web portal with following features.

  • Easy Navigation to Certificates/Registers and other Reports.
  • Easy Search for items and historical trends
  • Assets and Corrective Actions graphical comparisons
  • Clients can close out the corrective actions online
  • Clients can add a new item into the asset management and can view separate registers
  • Clients can print the reports into PDF with different criteria
  • Clients can manage their user with different access levels

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Inspections Track

Sky InspectionsTrack

  • Lifting Gear/Lifting Equipment Inspection (Loose Lifting Equipment/Fixed Equipment)
  • Non Destructive Testing (NDT Inspection)
  • Mobile Equipment (Cranes/Forklift etc)
  • Air Hoist/Winches Inspection

Sky InspectionsTrack software suite is a tablet based solution designed for Loose Lifting Equipment, Fixed Equipment , Mobile Equipment, Rig Equipment, Platforms and Winches Inspection etc.  InspectionsTrack provide a simple inspection process to inspection team and cover up full inspection life cycle. To make the inspection process easy to use inspection companies can create their pre-defined dataset on the web portal and Inspectors can fetch that dataset to the mobile app so all the options available in drop downs. The software have the ability to sync the inspection data including daily meetings in real time to the server to carry on the other process like Technical/QA checks and issue the REGISTERS, CERTIFICATES & REPORTS to the client straight away. The software also have the ability to store the data locally on the device if in case there is no internet connection on the rig and can print some of the draft report from the mobile APP, once the device get the internet signal it’s start sync the data to the server.
Clients have various access level for the online reports. Clients admins can give access to their user for specific rigs with different read/edit rights. Client can add new items into the visual register and closed out their CORRECTIVE ACTIONS on the online web portal.

Sky DropsTrack (Dropped Objects Survey)

Sky DropsTrack is a tablet based Dropped Object Survey Software and designed on DROPS Guidelines. Inspection companies can create the pre-define set of data such as Items, Standard references, Inspection Procedures through web portal and Inspectors can use these pre-define data set on the tablet to minimize typing the inspection data on the tablet. Dropped Objects System sync the data to the server if there is any internet connection available so Technical/QA-QHSC Teams can get the data in real time to complete the process to issue the reports. Drops System have the ability to store the data locally on the device. 
Clients have various access level to view the online reports. Clients can use the mobile app to do their inspection checklist locally on Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Six Monthly or Yearly basis.